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B2B opportunities

Hospitality and Travel&Tourism Industry

Pop-up Room is a start-up with an ambitious business goal, started in Milan in April 2014 to serve the whole Italy and then expand wordlwide. The goal is to provide a very special welcome to travelers coming to Italy, providing a service to the world of Travel&Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Do you manage one or more hotels or apartments for rent?
Are you a tour operator or a travel agent, organising trips to Milan and Italy?
We will be happy to build with you the most suitable Welcome Box to your customers, adapting the contents to special targets and according to the services you already propose.

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What we can do for you

We are selecting come great Made in Italy brands, manufacturers who offer you eye-catching design products , gourmet food and useful local products and services for travelers.
It will be easy and fast to build the right Welcome Box for your customers, with our support!

We are ready:

  • to contribute the brainstorming phase with insights, in order to understand what’s the best concept for your needs
  • to design your box: find the best content for your budget and the best packaging
  • to personalize the graphics, wrap and deliver the boxes to you

Become our partner!

We are looking forward to meeting you! In particular we are looking for:

  • Companies interested in distributing their products inside our boxes.
  • Qualified professionals willing to invest their time and skills as part of our small team and help grow the business faster.
  • Last but not least … investors for a first seed round.
Welcome Boxes by Popuproom