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Clever packing means light packing: how to travel light to Milan

Traveling should be about freedom, discovery and experiencing different opportunities, but for many people it is also about anxiety: many of us pack in a hurry just the night before the departure, forget something at home, spend a lot of time finding useful information inside the ocean of Internet… even if leaving for a short trip, the things to do and to think of before the departure are so many and time consuming!
And if you’re taking a flight, it’s even more complicated due to luggage restrictions on content and weight…

To us, “bringing only what you can easily carry” is the best advice: it will make your trip much more enjoyable, especially in Italy, where there tends to be some unexpected luggage-lugging (escalators or elevators are not everywhere and you won’t often find a smooth way for your wheeled bag on our streets ;).

If you’re coming to Milan you have now a great option thanks to Pop-up Room. You can save time in packing and save space in your luggage booking the Welcome Pack from home; when you arrive you will find (at the Central Station or at your accomodation) a beautiful box waiting for you with all the essential stuff and services to enjoy your stay: great quality toiletries, single use slippers, chargers, a detailed map and an English language magazine about Milan and (last but not least) the Milano Card, with the public transport ticket and several discounts on museums and tourist attractions.

Just as a start, because you can ask for customization!

You will have the chance to travel really light or you will have more space in your bag for what is really unique! There are many websites and smarthphone Apps that promise to help travellers be more efficient and avoid overpacking. Here is our short list, especialy dedicated to those coming to Milan and Italy.

  • One bag only One bag is a very comprehensive website that will help you reduce the size and the weight of your luggage. Very interesting advice indeed, but travel seems to become a science, doesn’t it?
  • What to pack for a trip to Italy – if you need some advice on what to bring with you (and what leave at home) if you’re coming to Italy, this list made by Walks of Italy that makes more sense to us as residents!
  • Build your personal packing list – Some experienced travellers say that the secret to pack properly stays in a having one’s own packing list. Well, it’s not a simple job and it takes time as well, but once you’re done you can feel everything under a certian control and just have to fill stuff in your luggage. A great app is PackPro

While waiting for even more disruptive answers to come to Italy,  as the Japanese Takuhaibin Delivery Service which offers low-cost pick-up and delivery of your luggage whitin Japan, our Welcome Pack could be your first friend in Italy :)

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