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Made in Italy, with passion and know-how

The Made in Italy we like and select is about objects and experiences that have deep roots in our natural resources, in our culture and in the tipically italian way of thinking “outside of the box”.

In Made in Italy products there is always a lot of substance inside and a solid know-how behind: that’s what makes them stand out from the rest. With this kind of attention and care, we will select for you Italian food, Italian design and nice local souvenirs.


Italian food, wine & cuisine

It’s probably our most recognized strenght. We can count on an incredible number of products and recipes and we keep searching ways to make them even more tasteful and healthier.
Food is an important part of the Italian way of living, and you’ll find the best with us!


Italian design & fashion

This is where manifacture and creativity come together and succeeed in conceiving outstanding products for the high-end market, as well as everyday use objects that even last for centuries.
There will be always be an Italian design “flavour” in our boxes.


Souvenir d'Italie

Last but not least, sometimes you just look for an authentically local gift for yourself or someone at home, something you can’t find somewhere else.
Here we are, selecting small things with an Italian heart!

The products you may find inside our boxes