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Porta Nuova, the new door to Milan 2015

Thanks to EXPO 2015, Milan has been changing: some important urban projects are now finished and all of us residents,  in this moment feel a bit like tourists in our own city. It’s really a new experience!

That’s why we want to dedicate this first post of the “EXPO era” to what’s new in the city, leaving the Duomo and the other churces, the museums and the exhibitions, the Castello Sforzesco, the Cenacolo and all the other historical sites for a moment behind the scenes.

PopupRoom.it_ Porta Nuova_walk path

First of all, we want to tell you about what we think it’s the new focal point of Milan: Piazza Gae Aulenti and its surroundings.

The brand new overlooking pedestrian square hosts the skyscraper that has changed the skyline of Milan, the UniCredit Tower: the building is 230 meters high and it is now the tallest building in Italy thanks to the Spire, 80 meters high itself and reachable through an elevator. You can see the spire from so many places in Milan that the building has become a kind of orientation tool for many of us.

Popuproom.it_unicredit tower       Popuproom.it_Unicredit_tower2

The square hosts some shops and cafès besides a kind of pool/fountain that kids love so much during the hot months! It’s a nice place to relax and have a rest, and it’s a great place to start discover the city.

The creation of Piazza Gae Aulenti is the heart of the new district Porta Nuova, one of the largest requalification projects in Europe whose great value for the city is the connection of (at least) three districts: for the first time it’s now possible to walk through parts of the city that were much more isolated and distant. In fact, the project includes a continuous pedestrian path characterized by green areas, bridges and a great view on the the buildings, giving a secure and easy way to move between some of the best places in Milan.

PopupRoom.it_Unicredit_tower3       Popuproom.it_Wheatfield_Isola

In ten minutes from Piazza Gae Aulenti north direction, passing through the Wheafield, you will reach the Isola district, full of life, historic buildings, tiny young boutiques, street art and so many different restaurants and coffee bars. It hosts the Blue Notes as well as other nice nightlife venues as Frida and Nord-est cafè. If you like street markets, choose Tuesday mornings and Saturdays for your visit: great food and clothes at affordable prices!

Frida Milan     Nord Est cafè Milan

If you go down south, you will find yourself directly in Corso Como, so famous for its fashion trendy (and quite expensive) stores… Corso Como 10 will be your first visit for sure, but we recommend you to have a coffee at Caffè Zaini, just around the corner, before going towards Eataly, three floors dedicated to Italian gourmet food.

From there, you can easily go on as much you like, discovering Corso Garibaldi, Brera district, Castello Sforzesco and so on!

Corso Como 10    Caffetteria Zaini Milan

Finally, if you decide to go east from Piazza Gae Aulenti, you will follow the pedestrian path till you find yourself in Repubblica square, 10 minutes walking distance from the Central Station or Piazza Cavour, your door to the “Quadrilatero della moda”.

Popuproom.it_PortaNuova_1     Popuproom.it_PortaNuova_2

Hope you have liked our virtual tour of the new heart of Milan! Our goal is to give you simple but precious advice and we select information with the same care with which we select the products we put in our Welcome Boxes: you will always find the essence of Italy excellence and hospitality with PopupRoom!


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