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Milano Box

€ 24,00

Milano Welcome Box - Pop-up Room
EXPO2015 welcome box
T-shirt with Milanese dialect sentences by StanbyMI, inside the EXPO box
Where Milan magazine, inside our Welcome boxes
Bcool Milan magazine, inside Travle light stay great and EXPO Boxes
map of Milan welcome box
Gourmet guide to Italy by Morellini publisher, inside EXPO Welcome Boxes

Milano Box

€ 24,00

If you’re going just to pop in Milan, this box helps you orient yourself in the city without loosing time looking for information, and it will give you a foretaste of Milan and Italian authenticity as well!

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Add now the services you need to move around and discover Milan.

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  • Unique iper-local souvenir: the Milanese dialect T-shirt (with english translation of course!)
  • The gourmet quick guide to more than 3000 Italian specialities and wines
  • WHERE Milan Magazine
  • BCool city magazine
  • Detailed map of Milan
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 x 32 x 9 cm
Milano Card

The card entitles you to free travel on all Milan public transport (urban area) for 24-48 hours, as well as discounts – or free access – to museums, monuments, restaurants, tours, shops, exhibitions and all other participating services. You are also entitled to free, 24-hour a day medical assistance during your trip. The Milano Card Fiera allows you also access to the long distance public transport network (eg. Rho Fiera).

Tourist Angel Card

Multilingual Interpreting Service performed by a mothertongue mediator, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Just dial the number on your card, wait for the beep tone and enter your PIN code. Two options available: 12 MINUTES: as many calls you want to anyone for a total of 12 minutes, charged per second, that can be topped up online. EMERGENCY: one unlimited call, only for emergency matters: convesations with police and other law enforcement, doctors and pharmacits, airport services and your airline.