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As a start-up, we have to validate our ideas in the “real world” to understand if they work or not.

Pop-up Room has a difficult task, because even if the idea to collect special things and to sell them as a whole inside a box is not new, the focus on travellers changes the perspective and transforms our Welcome Boxes in something really far from the mindset of traditional Hospitality professionals.

On the other side, in the last months we discovered that start-ups understand each other very quickly and that’s one of the reason why actually our first business partners are companies enabling short term vacation rentals. They are startups as well, as their market has blown-up recently and they focus on the customer user experience, exactly like us!

In Milan there are so many local players besides the most famous global ones that we realize the traveller has really hundreds of chances but he also needs such a long time searching the web, considering that the most recent statistics after EXPO2015 say only in our city there are more than 20.000 rooms and apartments ready to host tourists.

likibuThat’s why Likibu was born and might be really useful: it’s a French start-up helping travellers to discover the best offer, comparing short rentals from more than 25 market players, from HomeAway to the classic Interhome.

At the moment their platform is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German which is really great if you think they have started one year ago or so.

In Italy they are just starting to explore the market in order to add local partners to their platform and as we are fans of Made in Italy businesses, we hope to see friends like Hometown, Ketchroom and Italianway adding soon their apartaments on Likibu!

Need to compare to better understand? As start-ups, we always do… You can consider the Welcome Boxes as “the Birchbox for travellers to Italy” and Likibu as the “Kayak of vacation rentals”… isn’t it easy? 😉

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